Emerald Financial Partners is Your CPA Tax Accountant...Since 1980!

Emerald Financial Partners believes you should have a trusted partner, on call, to support you through the financial decisions that impact your life, your family, and your business. We provide a holistic approach to your tax, accounting, and financial needs.

Our team goes above and beyond to understand your unique needs and create strategies that will help you reach your goals.   Our personal and business services are structured to provide you unlimited access and on-call support to help you make better financial decisions, every day.

Emerald Financial Partners – Maryland’s Leading Tax, Accounting & Financial Specialists

Emerald Financial Partners offers consultations so that we can understand your needs and help create a path for financial success. Contact us today!

Business Services

Want to save time and money?  Emerald Financial Partners handles all of the accounting, compliance and tax components for your business, leaving you time to focus ON your business.  We provide an array of services to meet the demands small-medium sized businesses.

Since 1980, we've been providing businesses in Maryland with pro-active tax, accounting and financial services.  Our pro-active approach means we help you anticipate and prepare for the future, not just react to the past.  In our experience, this is a critical component for growing your business rather than simply trying to maintain your business.  Our 30+ years of experience have allowed us to establish a strong network of strategic partners.  So, we have the ability to provide a wide array of unique and extensive resources with the goal of collaboratively helping you build a better business.  Our holistic approach means we look at more than just taxes.  Whether you are considering an acquisition, an exit strategy, or ways to increase the value of your business, we can help!

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Personal Services

Emerald Financial Partners provides a holistic approach to your financial needs that can enhance your lifestyle and help you better plan for the future.  Our approach provides you access to our team of financial partners so you can get the advice you need anytime, for any of life's important decisions.  We provide an array of services to meet the tax, accounting and financial needs of individuals and their families.

For individuals, we offer pro-active tax, accounting and financial services that help you make better financial decisions every day of the year, not just at tax time.  We often consult with our clients about whether to buy or rent a home, purchase or lease a car, how to plan for college expenses, and even how to plan for retirement.  We have established a network of strategic partners that we often work with on more detailed issues like estate planning, financial planning, and long-term care planning.  Our customers have come to rely on us to provide a holistic approach to all of their financial needs.  We take pride in our long-standing relationships with local professionals who can assist with every aspect of you and your families unique needs.

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Is Your Accountant ProActive or ReActive?

In a reactive business, the tendency is to respond to events after they occur, while proactive strategies are designed to anticipate possible challenges and plan ahead.  At Emerald Financial Partners, we believe that the accounting aspects of your business should always have a proactive element.

proactive accountant works side by side with the owner, collaboratively to help them grow their business.  A proactive accountant is an adviser that is looking for opportunity to position the business for profitability, tax savings, expense reduction, and more.  A proactive accountant addresses the client’s needs before they become urgent issues.

As a business owner, the difference between a proactive or reactive accountant could mean the difference between success and failure.  Are you working with a proactive accountant?  If you’re not sure, contact Emerald Financial Partners and we’ll get you and your business on the right path.   Learn More

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Giving Back To Our Community!

Emerald Financial Partners has a strong commitment to our community.  As active members of Thrive Business Communities, we participate in quarterly initiatives to give back to the communities in which we live and work!  Check out our recent activities!

Get Started with a Call or Consultation!

Emerald Financial Partners offers consultations so that we can understand your needs and help create a path for financial success. Contact us today!

Mary D.

"I’ve been with Valerie for over 10 years. I would recommend her team to everyone. It’s great to have a tax person who you trust and you like as a good friend."

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Paul A.

"Emerald Financial Partners cleaned up our Quickbooks file and amended our business and personal income tax returns.  We saved $32,830 in taxes."

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Michael D.

"After 30 years of doing my own taxes, I decided to try out Emerald Financial Partners.  Right away, they pointed out that I had been making errors, costing us money.   Now, we have peace of mind knowing that WE don’t have to keep up on the ever-changing tax law and that we have competent professionals in our corner. No more wasting time trying to do taxes myself and worrying about whether I made a mistake. My lingering regret is that we didn’t use their financial planning services long ago!"

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