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5 Signs It’s Time To Get A New Accountant

Relationships can be tricky, but the one you have with your accountant shouldn’t be. If you often find yourself feeling confused or frustrated with your current accountant, then it may be a sign to start looking for a new accountant. Here are five things to pay attention to that can help determine whether it may be time to put yourself and your finances first and find a top accountant that works for you.

1. Communication

As everyone knows, communication is key in just about any situation. Your accountant should be proactive about communicating their thought process regarding your finances. While it is just as much your responsibility to be available and fully transparent about your financial situation, your accountant should be responsive, whether it is via phone, email, or in person. They should also take the time to make sure you understand your financial picture and your tax liability, in laymen’s terms. Not hearing from your accountant in a timely manner, especially when you have reached out to them, should be a reason to switch.

2. Bookkeeping

Managing finances always comes with a lot of paperwork and documents. It is extremely important for individuals and business owners to always keep track of these papers, but that’s where an accountant also steps in. Part of a good accountant’s job is to assist you in overseeing and evaluating your financial documents. If you find that they are just as unorganized as you are, whether it be they’re accidentally entering inaccurate information or misplacing your paperwork, then it’s time to find someone who is responsible enough to handle your financial information.

3. Feeling Ignored

It’s always frustrating when we speak up and don’t feel heard by those listening. Dealing with complex financial situations requires attention to detail, and as mentioned before, communication. When meeting with your accountant or tax preparer, you should never feel as though they aren’t paying attention to your requests or not taking the time to understand your specific needs. Taking people’s financial matters seriously should be the main priority for accountants, so never let yourself feel as though they aren’t putting you first.

4. Missed Deadlines

The panic of missing a deadline is not a good feeling, and when it comes to financial deadlines, your accountant should always be on top of meeting those as well as reminding you of deadlines you also must meet. Missing a deadline that deals with financial information can cost you or your business time and money, so don’t settle for an accountant that lets those important dates slip from their calendar.

5. No Financial Improvement

Overall, a proactive accountant is there to help you, or your business become more organized, better managed, and more successful financially. If some time has passed and you are still not seeing positive results in your financial situation, then it may be time to consider another accountant, as they may be the key to helping your finances flourish as you had planned when originally seeking one. There is no shame in finding a new accountant – even if you thought you hired the best accountant out there, their personal and professional approach just may not align with what works best for you.

If any of these scenarios sound familiar, it can be a red flag and should prompt you to find a new accountant who takes your time and financial situation seriously. If you are looking for an accountant in Maryland who appreciates the value of good communication, then you should contact the experts at Emerald Financial Partners who will get you set on the right track today. Emerald Financial is one of the leading accountants and tax preparers in the Annapolis, Arnold and Severna Park area, specializing in serving small business owners and individuals with more complex tax situations.

Disclaimer: These are general guidelines, not specific guidance or advice. Each business and personal situation is different and may require customized assistance based on their circumstances. Please consult Emerald Financial Partners about your specific needs.

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