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Our Philosophy

We believe you should have a trusted partner, on-call, to support you through the financial decisions that impact your life, your family, and your business. We at Emerald Financial Partners do this by providing a holistic approach to your tax, accounting, and financial needs to enhance your lifestyle and grow your business.
QualiTax Office
The original QualiTax office in 1980.

Our Story

In 1980, Valerie McLaughlin founded QualiTax, a woman-owned accounting firm that provided tax and accounting services to local businesses and individuals in the Annapolis, MD area. After 38 years of service, a growing client base, changing technology, and an emerging population of millennials, the strategic decision was made to rebrand the firm as Emerald Financial Partners in 2018. “This rebrand allows us to demonstrate our ongoing commitment to meet the changing needs of our clients. As Emerald Financial Partners, we will focus on providing a wider array of financial services with unlimited access and ongoing support to help our clients reach their goals,” stated Valerie McLaughlin, CEO.

Christy Bennett, CPA, says that, “As a millennial, I have a unique understanding of the changing perspectives of my peers. Most people now want an advisor they can access anytime to help them make better financial decisions. We want to help our clients evaluate every aspect of their lives with decisions like how to plan for taxes, save for retirement, create a budget, buy/lease a car, or buy a home.”

Valerie continues, “Small to medium-sized businesses have always been our ‘sweet spot’ because, as a small business, we understand the pains of a start-up, the growth challenges, and the services you need to help you focus on your business. Our new platform will allow us to offer packages that are easy to budget and provide a more comprehensive array of services to meet our business clients’ needs.”

The firm is now located in Arnold, Maryland and serves clients in the local Annapolis area as well as many businesses across the country.

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