Qualified Improvement Property: What You Need to Know

You need to think about the sale of your rental property when you claim depreciation on your qualified improvement property (QIP). Gains may be subject to higher-than-expected tax rates due to Sections 1245 and 1250 ordinary income recapture and other factors. Planning your depreciation methods can significantly impact your current tax liabilities and long-term taxable […]

Estimated Tax Penalty: What Is It & How To Avoid

Estimated Tax Penalty

The United States has a “pay as you go” tax system in which payments for income tax (and, where applicable, Social Security and Medicare taxes) must be made to the IRS throughout the year as income is earned, whether through withholding, by making estimated tax payments, or both. You suffer an estimated tax penalty if […]

Working Overtime? Don’t Miss Out on this Fringe Benefit

Working Overtime

Tax law often discriminates against company owners, granting them no or fewer fringe benefits. But you, the owner, are not discriminated against when it comes to supper money. It works like this: That means you can take this benefit for yourself, even as a sole proprietor. You also qualify for this benefit if you operate […]

Don’t Miss Out on the Home Internet Deduction

If you do some work at home, you’re probably using your home internet connection. Are your monthly internet expenses deductible? Maybe. The deduction rules depend on your choice of business entity (proprietorship, corporation, or partnership). Deduction on Schedule C If you operate your business as a sole proprietorship or as a single-member LLC, you file […]

Strategies for Beating the Net Investment Income Tax

Net Investment Income Tax

Here is some important information regarding the net investment income tax (NIIT), which may be relevant to your financial situation. NIIT Overview The NIIT is a 3.8 percent tax that could apply if your modified adjusted gross income (MAGI) exceeds $200,000 (single filers), $250,000 (married, filing jointly), or $125,000 (married, filing separately). It targets the […]

2023 Last-Minute Medical Plan Strategies

All small-business owners with one to 49 employees should have a medical plan for their business. Sure, it’s true that with 49 or fewer employees, the tax law does not require you to have a plan, but you should. When you have 49 or fewer employees, most medical plan tax rules are straightforward. Here are […]

2023 Last-Minute Vehicle Purchases for Big Tax Savings

Here’s an easy question: Do you need more 2023 tax deductions? If the answer is yes, continue reading. Next easy question: Do you need a replacement business vehicle? If so, you can simultaneously solve or mitigate the first problem (needing more deductions) and the second problem (needing a replacement vehicle) if you can get your […]

2023 Last-Minute Tax Strategies for Your Stock Portfolio

When you take advantage of the tax code’s offset game, your stock market portfolio can represent a little gold mine of opportunities to reduce your 2023 income taxes. The tax code contains the basic rules for this game, and once you know the rules, you can apply the correct strategies. To avoid higher rates, here […]

2023 Last-Minute Tax Deductions for Existing Vehicles

2023 Last-Minute Tax Deductions

Wow, how time flies! Yes, December 31 is just around the corner. That’s your last day to find tax deductions available from your existing business and personal (yes, personal) vehicles that you can use to cut your 2023 taxes. But don’t wait. Get on this now! 1. Take Back Your Child’s or Spouse’s Car and […]

2023 Last-Minute Retirement Deductions

The clock continues to tick. Your retirement is one year closer. You have time before December 31 to take steps that will help you fund the retirement you desire. Here are five things to consider for 2023 last-minute retirement deductions. 1. Establish Your 2023 Retirement Plan First, a question: Do you have your (or your […]

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