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Don’t File Your Tax Return on April 15th

April 15th. The most notorious tax deadline, right?


There’s more to the story.

And while yes, you should extend if you’re not going to file. If you’re working with a tax preparer

You may want to hold off on filing your tax return on April 15th, if you haven’t checked with someone who specializes in tax planning.

There may be a few things you’re missing.

If you already filed, you’re wondering, can I still amend?

The truth is, maybe.

I’d have to know more about your situation.

If you extend your return, you don’t have to file for months. Which gives us plenty of time.

A good friend of mine held off on filing his return to check with a pro (me)… And saved $12,420.


Took us a few minutes of conversation and I immediately knew of 2 strategies. And we got started.

What was sad? He’d been overpaying for years.

I can only make up for so much that’s been done wrong. But I did save him THOUSANDS!

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