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At Emerald Financial Partners, we're dedicated to your business's financial success. When you work with us, you get:

  • A team of committed financial experts
  • Guidance on financial decisions, answer your emails or phone calls within 24 hours,
  • A proactive approach to your tax, accounting, and financial needs.
  • Tailored services to your specific business needs,
  • Transparent pricing and secure client access to all our online resources.

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"I would highly recommend that you work with Emerald Financial Partners. They have been very thorough and pay great attention to detail. As an ordinary person, it is very intimidating to work with the IRS. They understand how we feel and keep us updated with any new information as it is available."

-- Barbara R.

"They cleaned up our QuickBooks file and amended our business and personal income tax returns. We saved $32,830 in taxes."

-- Paul A.,

"Valerie, your entire team has given nothing less than exceptional service to me and my company over the past several years. I finally feel like I've found a tax accountant that's proactive on by behalf."

-- Cheryl G.

"I’ve been with Valerie for over 10 years. I would recommend her team to everyone. It’s great to have a tax person who you trust and you like as a good friend."

-- Mary D.

"Emerald Financial is a very professional company who represented me in a matter with the IRS. I am very happy to recommend them to everyone."

-- Gregory S.

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Offering a A Wide Array of Tax, Accounting & Financial Services

Business Owners

Since 1980, we've been providing businesses in Maryland with pro-active tax, accounting, and financial services.  Our pro-active approach means we help you anticipate and prepare for the future, not just react to the past.  In our experience, this is a critical component of growing your business, rather than merely trying to maintain your business.

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Individual Tax Returns

We provide individual tax preparation to help you get every deduction you’re entitled to and help you avoid audits and costly mistakes that can arise from DIY online software.

And, if you ever do need help with the IRS, we provide the support you need.  Can your online software do that?

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Specializing in Real Estate

Many of our clients own rental properties as a passive income source, a way to diversify investments, and as a way to build wealth and long-term security.  We help you maximize your real estate investments and rental properties, keep accurate records, and file the appropriate tax documents associated with your property.

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About Us

We believe you should have a trusted partner, on-call, to support you through the financial decisions that impact your life, your family, and your business.  We do this by providing a holistic approach to your tax, accounting, and financial needs to enhance your lifestyle and grow your business.

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Our Services

We provide a holistic approach to your tax, accounting, and financial needs.  We have been serving as a business CPA and tax accountant to companies and individuals since 1980.  We specialize in assisting entrepreneurs, business owners, self-employed, government contractors, and real estate investors with reducing their tax liability, maximizing their business income, and keeping track of all the details!

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