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Emerald Financial Partners believes you should have a trusted partner, on call, to support you through the financial decisions that impact your life, your family, and your business. We provide a holistic approach to your tax, accounting, and financial needs.  We have been serving as a business CPA and tax accountant to companies and individuals since 1980.  We specialize in assisting entrepreneurs, business owners, self-employed, government contractors, and real estate investors with reducing their tax liability, maximizing their business income, and keeping track of all the details!

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Need Help with Tax Planning and Building Wealth?

Start Planning Early in the Year When You Have More Options.

Our accountants help you understand how you can best build your personal wealth each year and over the long haul. A proactive financial advisor can make a huge difference. We take the time to understand your goals and make clear recommendations on how you can keep more of the money you earn and put it to work for your future. 

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Are Your Books Ready to Qualify You for Loan Forgiveness?

The Time to Start Getting Your Books In Order is Now.

While the 12/31/2020 deadline to apply for PPP loan forgiveness buys you time, there area  lot of calculations to be done and you need to have expenses well documented. This holds true for EIDL Advances as well. Don't wait until the last minute -- we can help make sure you are ready and help you get every dollar forgiven that you are entitled to.

Contact us to discuss your unique situation and we'll help you prepare and file.

Bookkeeping Support and a Virtual CFO for the Same Cost!

Think About What You Need to Pay a Full-Time Bookkeeper...

Chances are, for a similar monthly cost, Emerald Financial can perform your bookkeeping AND give you the insight and guidance of our senior accounting team. We get to know your business, keep your books in order, and can offer tax planning and strategies to help you reduce expenses and fuel growth throughout the year.

Contact us or click for details - this can be a smooth, cost-effective way to advance your business.

Emerald Financial Partners – Maryland’s Leading Tax, Accounting & Financial Specialists

Emerald Financial Partners offers consultations so that we can understand your needs and help create a path for financial success. Our team goes above and beyond to understand your unique needs and develop strategies that will help you reach your goals.   Our personal and business services are structured to provide you unlimited access and on-call support to help you make better financial decisions, every day.  Contact us to schedule a conversation!

Business Services

Business owners want to save time and money.  Emerald Financial Partners provides accounting, compliance, and tax services for your business, leaving you time to focus ON your business.  More importantly, we take a ProActive approach to your business with strategies that are designed to anticipate possible challenges and plan accordingly.

We provide an array of business services to meet the demands of small, medium, and large sized businesses.  We specialize in assisting entrepreneurs, business owners, and real estate investors with reducing their tax liability, maximizing their business income, and keeping track of all the details!

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Personal Services

Emerald Financial Partners provides a holistic approach to your tax, accounting, and financial needs to enhance your lifestyle and help you better plan for the future.  Our team provides you access to the professionals you need, for many of life's important decisions.  We provide an array of services to meet the tax, accounting, and economic goals of individuals and their families to help them make better financial decisions every day of the year, not just at tax time.

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Is Your Accountant ProActive or ReActive?

If you are an entrepreneur, business owner, or real estate investor, you need an accountant to serve as your strategic partner, not just your bean counter!  As a proactive accountant, we work side by side with the owner, collaboratively, to help grow your business.  A proactive accountant is an adviser that is looking for opportunities to position the company for profitability, tax savings, expense reduction, and more.

A proactive accountant addresses the client’s needs before they become urgent issues.  As a business owner, the difference between a proactive or reactive accountant could mean the difference between success and failure.  Are you working with a proactive accountant?  If you’re not sure, contact Emerald Financial Partners, and we’ll get you and your business on the right path.   Learn More

Candace N.

"We recommend Emerald Financial Partners VERY HIGHLY!  Not only have they helped us with taxes for years, but also guided us through some huge questions and long range planning."

Paul A.

"Emerald Financial Partners cleaned up our Quickbooks file and amended our business and personal income tax returns.  We saved $32,830 in taxes."

Cheryl G.

"Your entire team has given nothing less than exceptional service to me and my company over the past several years. I finally feel like I've found a tax accountant that's proactive on by behalf."

Marcus J.

"Hands down the best experience I have ever had with a tax accountant. Professional and responsive. I highly recommend."

Michael D.

"I rest easy knowing that Emerald "has my back" when filing my Federal taxes and that I am able to have an annual review to make sure that we are on track with our family estate plans."

Giving Back to Our Community

Emerald Financial Partners has a strong commitment to our community.  As active members of Thrive Business Communities, we participate in quarterly initiatives to give back to the communities in which we live and work!  Check out our recent activities!

News & Resources to Help You Grow Your Business

At Emerald Financial Partners, we provide valuable insight and content designed to help you grow your business smarter!  We offer consultations so that we can understand your needs and help create a path for financial success. Contact us today!

loan forgiveness payment protection program

SBA Releases PPP Loan Forgiveness Application – Key Takeaways

By Emerald Financial | May 18, 2020

The SBA has released the much-anticipated form for businesses to apply for PPP Loan Forgiveness. The 11-page application goes a long way to resolve many of the questions and concerns businesses had anxiously wondered about loan forgiveness.

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AACounty Offers Grants to Help Businesses Deal with COVID-19

By Emerald Financial | May 18, 2020

County businesses with 50 or fewer employees can apply for a grant up to $10,000 to cover the purchase of a variety of supplies and technology that are suddenly necessary to keep business going safely in the midst of a pandemic. Qualifying purchases include: PPE for employees Protective shields/dividers Sanitation products and services such as: […]

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loan forgiveness payment protection program

Less than $2 Million Borrowed? Yes, You Meet the Good-Faith Certification Test

By Emerald Financial | May 14, 2020

Many business owners were nervous about taking the PPP loan because it was unclear if you could demonstrate the need for a loan if you had reserves to get through the crisis without it. The SBA has now made it clear that if you received less than $2 million, it is automatically deemed that you […]

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loan forgiveness payment protection program

Loan Forgiveness under PPP Loan Provisions

By Emerald Financial | May 5, 2020

Well, you probably saw this coming… Turns out … if you received a PPP loan, the expenses you pay from the proceeds of this (forgivable) loan … are not deductible. Ouch. The IRS just released new guidance to this end (which is being protested by the AICPA and other accounting associations). This provision reduces the value of the […]

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stimulus check scammers

Be Mindful of Scammers…

By Emerald Financial | April 28, 2020

Anytime (like now) that there is a rollout of government assistance, you can count on two things: 1)   Bumps in the road (it’s difficult managing help for millions of people) 2)   SCAMS None of my clients have been victims of this, but I wanted to alert you to this dynamic. How to make sure your check is […]

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loan forgiveness payment protection program

Understanding the Paycheck Protection Provision Loan Program

By Emerald Financial | April 2, 2020

Yes, the CARES Act for the Paycheck Protection Program was passed last Friday. It’s 800 pages and the banks are still feeling their way around to determine how to process these new loans. The complete guidelines have not been developed yet. We recommend starting your application with the bank you already have a relationship with. […]

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