QuickBooks Set Up and Support

If you use QuickBooks, Emerald Financial has the experts you need to make the most of your accounting system. We can save you money and time and help you better analyze your business. Especially if you’re setting up a new QuickBooks system, we can help you structure your chart of accounts and bookkeeping systems to make your accounting process smooth and efficient. If you’re a government contractor, we also have the expertise to make your Quickbooks system DCAA compliant.


Emerald brings in-depth knowledge of QuickBooks and is well-versed in setting up the system to ensure it aligns with your specific business needs. We will optimize the software to accurately track financial transactions, generate meaningful reports, and spot potential errors or discrepancies.


QuickBooks has many features and functionalities designed to streamline bookkeeping and accounting processes. However, learning and mastering these features can be time-consuming for business owners who are not well-versed in accounting principles. You can leverage the Emerald team’s knowledge and skills to quickly set up your system and start using it effectively. You can focus more on running your business instead of getting bogged down with bookkeeping tasks.

Compliance and Accuracy

The Emerald team is well-versed in financial regulations and can help ensure that your QuickBooks system is set up in compliance with industry standards and legal requirements. We will advise you on proper categorization of transactions, handling payroll and tax calculations, and adhering to accounting principles. Emerald can give you the peace of mind of knowing your financial records are accurate and compliant.


Every business has unique accounting needs, and QuickBooks can be customized to suit your specific requirements. Emerald will apply our expertise to align the system with your operations, whether you need custom reports, industry-specific features, or third-party applications.

Ongoing Support

Once your QuickBooks system is set up, you may encounter questions, issues, or changes in your business that require ongoing support. we can provide guidance, resolve technical problems, and offer advice on utilizing QuickBooks more effectively as your business evolves.

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QuickBooks is a great accounting platform if you set it up and know how to make the most of it. Emerald Financial can give you the tools to run your own bookkeeping in-house and provide support when you need it.

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