Women-Owned Businesses

Tax & Accounting Specialists for Women-Owned Businesses

We are a woman-owned business, so we understand the unique challenges that often face women in business. (Read our founder’s story). Whether you are a start-up business, growing from sole proprietor to having employees, or running a large corporation, we have the experts to help you navigate the ever-changing tax climate while growing your business.

We are large enough to meet your needs, but small enough to know your name!

Women-Owned Businesses​

At Emerald Financial Partners, we take a pro-active approach to the tax, accounting and financial needs of our clients. We believe proactive tax planning is one of the keys to every successful business. Proactive tax planning for businesses means scouring your income and expenses for every available deduction, credit, loophole, and legal opportunity. It also means we try to anticipate and help you structure your business for the maximum tax benefit throughout the year, rather than waiting and reacting when tax season arrives.

For Businesses and Individuals, we can provide clear-cut answers to complex tax questions. We even have special programs, just for start-up businesses. This is an invaluable service to our clients and helps simplify and legitimately minimize any tax burden through proper tax planning. It means actively looking for ways to help you grow your business.

As part of our services, we often assist businesses with preparing the following:

We are large enough to meet your needs, but small enough to know your name!

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