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The 2nd Best Legal Entity (after Tax Cuts and Jobs Acts)

It’s so sad.

70% of small businesses in the US haven’t even incorporated. And let’s be honest.

It’s not like the other 30% have been properly incorporated.

And for years and years (and still today), you hear people talk about an LLC. And then once you get a little more sophisticated…

You probably heard about the S Corp.

And while LLC’s and S Corps still have their place, the Tax Cuts & Jobs Act affected almost every business owner.

Even if you have an LLC or an S Corp…

It’s likely you’re going to pay well over 30% in taxes. BUT….

It’s now possible. Finally.

For you to pay 21% tax. Seriously!

For a select few of you, it makes more sense to be a C Corporation.

Now the truth is, I can’t promise anything…

But what I can tell you is that less than 10% of people I meet have selected the right entity. (even if a lawyer or CPA set it up for you)

So, if you’d like to get another set of eyes, let’s chat!

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