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What To Look For In An Accountant

The truth is, it may take a few tries before you find a good accountant that is the right fit for you. Too many business owners and individuals spend years putting up with an accountant who may get the job done, but really doesn’t take the time to understand their unique situation, offer proper business consulting, and/or proactive guidance. Obviously, your business and personal finances are extremely important, so it makes sense that you should spend more time finding the right partner than you would selecting a doctor or an auto mechanic. Here are some things to search for when considering a new accountant or tax preparer:


An accountant should always be upfront when it comes to the details of your money. Whether good or bad, it’s their responsibility to make you aware of where your finances stand, how they can help you, and where they hope to see your financial situation in the future. You should never feel like your accountant is not telling you the full truth – honesty is key, as that plays a role in providing you with personal/business consulting and accurate financial advice.


It may seem like common sense but always double-check to ensure that they are qualified when considering a new accountant. Handling finances is a big task, so it’s reassuring to know that the person in charge of yours knows what they are doing. There is nothing wrong when talking with potential accountants to ask about their credentials, certifications, and related client experience – it could be an important deciding factor.


Often, if you are seeking the help of an accountant, there is something specific you are trying to accomplish with your finances. Are you looking for a new personal finance advisor, or business consulting, or are you looking for an outsourced CFO? Do some research before your initial meeting to make sure the accountant is going to be able to provide what you want. While some accountants may work with both individuals and businesses and provide all types of bookkeeping and financial support, some may only work with certain types of clients and do limited services such as tax preparations only, so always double-check when considering a new accountant to fit your needs.


A well-qualified accountant should be able to answer any questions you present them with, as their schooling and experience dealing with different financial scenarios should have provided them with vast knowledge in their field. Depending on the complexity, they may need to do some research and then respond with their recommendations. If the accountant you are considering struggles to provide information or you feel like they are avoiding certain questions, then it may be a sign to keep looking.


It is easy to notice shortly after meeting someone if you are going to get along, and this same practice should be considered when choosing a top-quality accountant. Your first meeting with an accountant, whether in person or on the phone, should be a pleasant experience and leave you feeling confident and trusting in the person who is going to potentially be handling your finances.

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Disclaimer: These are general guidelines, not specific guidance or advice. Each business and personal situation is different and may require customized assistance based on their circumstances. Please consult Emerald Financial Partners about your specific needs.

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