We Help Businesses Thrive with Accounting Services

Since 1980, we've been providing businesses in Annapolis and throughout Maryland with pro-active tax, accounting, and financial services.  Whether you are a small-medium sized business owner, own real estate investments, or need help with the bookkeeping for your stocks and investments, we can help!

Our pro-active approach means we help you anticipate and prepare for the future, not just react to the past.  In our experience, this is a critical component of growing your business, rather than merely trying to maintain your business.  Our 30+ years of experience have allowed us to establish a strong network of strategic partners.  So, we can provide a wide array of unique and extensive resources to help you build a better business.  Our holistic approach means we look at more than just taxes.  Whether you are considering an acquisition, an exit strategy, or ways to increase the value of your business, we can help!

We are operating virtually to handle your business and individual tax and accounting services during COVID-19.  Learn more about our operations and response to the crisis.

More than just accountants, we can be your virtual CFO. Contact us to help grow your business.

Ready To Grow Your Business?

We provide scalable accounting services to businesses of all sizes, both public and private sector. Since 1980, we've helped business owners grow their business through proactive accounting strategies. We're located in the Annapolis, Maryland area but serve businesses in many locations.

Business Accounting

Having a trusted ally on your side to handle your business accounting needs for accurate reporting is key.   But, it's even more important to have a CPA Accounting firm that thinks about your business like an entrepreneur and can help you plan to reach your unique business goals.

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Outsourced CFO

Our outsourced CFO services save business owners time and money.  We provide the experience and guidance you need to meet every day business challenges while helping you plan for future growth.   Utilize our CFO-level assistance on an as-needed, part-time, or full-time basis.

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Tax Services

Be prepared for next year's tax season with our experienced tax services. We can help you understand all the complexities of tax preparation surrounding your business and provide advice on how to save on taxes.

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Business Owners

We work closely with business owners to help you structure your business and personal finances effectively.  Our scaleable services packages allow you to choose the services you need to take the pressure off of you so you can spend more time focusing on your business.

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Real Estate & Rental Properties

Many of our clients own rental properties as a passive income source, a way to diversify investments, and as a way to build wealth and long-term security.  We help you maximize your real estate investments and rental properties, keep accurate records, and file the appropriate tax documents associated with your property.

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When you have stocks and other investments, there are a variety of forms and records that must be maintained and filed each year for tax purposes.  Capital gains and losses must also be reported appropriately.  We help simplify the record-keeping process with your investments!

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Scalable Business Accounting Services

Since 1980, we've helped businesses in the Arnold, MD, area by providing scalable business accounting services that grow with your business.
We offer the following tax and business accounting services:

At Emerald Financial Partners, we're dedicated to your business's financial success. When you work with us, you get a team of committed financial experts who provide you with candid advice on financial decisions, answer your emails or phone calls within 24 hours, tailor services to your specific business needs, and always treat you as a valued client, because you are.

We offer transparent pricing and secure client access to all our online resources. Please call us today at 410-224-2600 or schedule your appointment online for your free business consultation.

Changing Your Accountant Is Easy & Discreet.

Are you nervous about switching accountants?  Or, perhaps you feel it is going to be expensive and time consuming?  Or, you may have established a working relationship and are uncomfortable telling your current accountant you'd like to make a change.  No worries.  Emerald Financial Partners can make the transition smooth and discreet.

When you work with us, there is rarely a need to contact your old accountant.  We can often gather all the information we need from your last tax return or financial statement. Should we need to contact your former accountant, it just takes a signature from you and, we take care of everything else! Switching to Emerald is fast, easy, discreet, and inexpensive. It is a business decision you can make with confidence.

Our pro-active approach means we help you anticipate and prepare for the future, not just react to the pastLearn why it matters to your business!

Proactive Accountant


"Valerie and the team at Emerald are great! I rate their tax preparation service and communication five star. I definitely recommend Emerald for tax and financial planning needs."

-- Marie O.

"I have been a customer since 1990.  I continue to be impressed by their personal service, great follow up, and personal attention. Watching Valerie and Christy grow this business has also impressed me. Their success is a testimony to the quality of service and support they bring to their clients."

-- Carol K.

"Your entire team has given nothing less than exceptional service to me and my company over the past several years. I finally feel like I've found a tax accountant that's proactive on by behalf."

-- Cheryl G.

"We’ve been using Christy at Emerald for over 2 years and couldn’t be happier! I have a business so it can be very involved with the ever changing tax laws etc. I am without a doubt, very confident in their understanding of what the new laws mean and how it affects us from a business and a personal standpoint. Finally no more sleepless nights!"
-- Misty S.

"Due to lack of attention by my previous accountant to my taxes, I was forced to find another accountant. I thought the transition was going to be awkward and arduous, but it was practically seamless. Christy took care of making sure all of my quarterly taxes were done, the appropriate forms were completed and turned in to meet the deadlines, etc. Absolutely nothing fell through the cracks. They gave me very helpful advice on how to structure my business to create tax shelters and protect my money.  Christy evaluates my tax situation on a quarterly basis (per our agreement) and makes recommendations throughout the year so there are no surprises lurking when it's time to pay the IRS man. She has been very detail oriented and I appreciate all she has done to help me achieve my financial goals. She is part of my wealth building team and I am thankful to have her!"

-- Diane D.